Sunday, May 1, 2011

Comments for Teachers #4 Summary Post

Today I will be summarized the two blog posts I have read from the blog "Whatedsaid".
It is owned by Edna Sackson a teacher in Australia.

Post #1
The first post I commented on on was titled "How Do You Change School Culture", and it was a response to that question posed by a Tyler Rice. Edna talks about the need for a reference-able set of beliefs that can be used by all teachers to promote homogeneity. She also outlines several learning principles they are worded incredibly well. Below is a picture from a lecture given by Jay McTighe.

learning principles in the design of a house

Post #2
The second post I commented on was about Edna's work in the SOLE project. This week she talked about a student in India she skyped with; His name is Kalpesh and he knows 2 languages well, and is working on improving his English. Her conversation with him was limited by the communication barrier, but it was a connection made. I like the SOLE project and plan on finding out more about it.

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