Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blog Assignment #9

For Blog Assignment 8, I visited Mr. McClung's World, a blog hosted by Mr. McClung. The particular blog post I am commenting on is a reflection from Mr. McClung about his first year as a teacher.

He came to many important conclusions that I agree with wholeheartedly. His thoughts on reading the crowd is important. Every student won't respond to lessons the way the teacher predicts, so adaptation is important. Adaptation requires the knowledge of what to adapt to, and that comes from reading the crowd/students. I also think that this will help with relationship building with students.

Communication is important to Mr. McClung and rightfully so. Often times people lose jobs because of their inefficient communication skills and not because of a lack of ability to do the job required. Communication skills are required to build relationships with students, peers, superiors, etc.

Mr. McClung also says to not be afraid of technology. I agree with this statement. At first, I thought technology in education would just make my job more difficult, but as I learn more about different tools, websites, blogs, and education resources I realized that becoming technologically inclined would actually make teaching easier.

cartoon where the student can't use the chalkboard because it doesn't have any buttons on it

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