Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blog Assignment #8

Hello. Today for Blog Assignment #8 I will be reviewing some movies that I have watched.

Richard Miller, Rutgers University
I watched Richard Miller's video where he talks about writing with multimedia. He talks about a childhood filled with books, and he also talks about his future career in which he hopes to work with books. He was able to do this, and even wrote a book himself. Unfortunately, his book is no longer published and he humorously proves this by stating it is on for 59 cents.

He says that now, an incremental, not fundamental change is occurring in education today. The change involves the sharing knowledge infinitely. There is a new kind of material that is accessible permanently and for free. For example, he talks about the growth of itunesU as a source of academic information.

Richard Miller also talks about sharing ideas and how they shouldn't be kept to individuals. He claims that ideas don't belong to individuals, they belong to the culture. He also says that most of the time, the limits and restrictions we face our placed there by ourselves.

He is also shocked that people can't get excited for this new wave; it is a way to push ideas into our culture. He wants to combine science and the humanities. Ultimately his goals is to articulate his dreams of sharing visibly.

EDM310 Student Videos
The common message of these two videos is that EDM310 is different, but doable. It is a different kind of class that requires skills that some people may not have at all and need to develop. I would like to make more movies for EDM310. I would love to do parodies of popular movies, like the Indiana Jones movies or Star Wars.

Learning to Change, Changing to Learn
I agree with the statements made by these educators. One of them commented that today's students are stuck in a middle world of technology; They use devices and communication methods at home, but when they get to school, none of those resources are available, and most of the time they are prohibited. Teachers have to be the first ones to learn with technology if they are to teach with it.

Phillip Zimbardo and RSA Animate
This video was very interesting and informative. Mr. Zimbardo narrates as the RSA animators animate what he is saying. He splits up people into different categories based on how they view time. He has 6 different categories, 2 each for people that think in the present, past and future. He claims that schools often make their messages for the kids that are future oriented, but not for the people really at risk, the ones that live in the present. Personally, I think you have to balance thinking in the past, present, and future; as for the proper division of the three, no one really knows the right ratios because it is different for everyone.

rsa animate picture

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