Sunday, February 27, 2011

Comments for Kids Review Post

I am writing a review on the post I have made for comments for kids assignment.


Noah is a student that wondered if a phrase from the song, "Oh Canada" was sexist. Personally I don't think that it is, but I'm glad that he posed the question and is thinking about it.


Sosaia's post involved him getting instruction in the game of baseball. I explained to him that baseball is a very popular sport in the United States. Sosaia also talked about rugby. I explained that in America we have American football which is similar to rugby.


W.A.'s blog post was a creative writing assignment where the assignment was to write a mystery. He wrote about a situation in which everyone went missing, and something chased him quickly from the street. He armed himself and took action. Later he found out the cause of the disappearances was aliens.

I liked the first round of Comments for kids. Although I'm not an elementary education major, I still like kids in general, and I especially like to hear what they have to say, because it is very different that what adults usually say. Children are much more honest and sincere most of the time, compared to adults; that is a refreshing change of pace for me.

Kevin White

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  1. Hi Kevin-

    I really enjoyed reading the Comments 4 Kids posts as well. I think you really spelled out what I have been thinking for quite some time now. Children really do have very interesting things to say. Their thoughts are so creative and I love the unexpectedness of what they say. It is absolutely refreshing after working with adults all of the time. This is one of the major reasons I have decided to become a K-6 Education Major.

    Good Luck with EDM310!