Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blog Assignment #4

Post #1: Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?

This post written by Dr. Mcleod comments on the reluctance of many parents and teachers to use technology to enhance the education and lives of children. To a lot of parents and teachers, the risk is too great for the potential reward. I, however, do not agree with this. I do agree that the misuse of technology is an actual and real threat, but I believe that if children are taught to use technology responsibly they should be able to identify and avoid those threats.

Dr. Mcleod is a professor at Iowa State University and is recognized as being the top K-12 technology leader in the nation.

Video #1: The iSchool Iniative

Travis Allen explains how the use of an itouch will allow schools to be able to save $450 per student, while also using no paper and therefore preserving natural resources. From a monetary perspective it makes a lot of sense to save money where possible so those funds can be spent elsewhere. I like the idea about limiting access to only academic sites to prevent abuse by the less responsible students.

From an education standpoint I think this idea is brilliant. It allows busy parents to be able to check the status of their children anywhere, anytime and in the palm of their hand. I think this will help with parental involvement which, in turn, would lead to an increase in the percentage of children graduating from high school. I believe this will also help those students in after high school life; it certainly isn't going to hurt that cause.

Video #2: The Lost Generation

This video starts with some statements about the future that sound harsh and undesired. At the halfway point in the video, the narrator explains that there is a hope and changes can be made to save the future. The words that were scrolling on the screen stop; the words then scroll in the opposite direction while the narrator reads from the bottom to the top which completely changes the meaning of the video and moves it from a negative to a positive.

Post #2 and Video #3: Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir

I like the idea of using the internet in this way. It makes it easier to get talented people together to practice not only music, but pretty much anything that involves the transfer of ideas.

Video #4: Teaching in the 21st Century

The question asked in this video is "What does it mean to teach (in the 21st century)." I believe it means more now than ever. I agreed with the idea of the video that explains that teachers are no longer the primary source of information for students, and instead are the filters for that information.



  1. Hi Kevin,
    I agree with you about how the use of an itouch is a smart economical gain, the use of an itouch will allow funds to be spent in other areas of the school. I think that limiting access to academic sites is a good idea too. Not all students are serious about their education, I can see where this would become a problem if there were no limitations.

  2. Another student pointed out that the Lost Generation video scrolls down for the negative reading and upwards for the positive reading. How artistic right?! I think it really adds to the element of surprise when the video starts backwards.