Saturday, February 5, 2011


I read two blog posts from Greta Sanders blog which I will now summarize:

Creating Safe Learning Environments

This post is about a presentation that was presented at the New Teachers Reform Symposium. There is a slide show on the blog post that is quite informative. Although it is targeted at younger school children, even secondary educators and professors could learn something from it. Children (and people) need to feel comfortable to be able to learn in the most effective way. Also, the slide show lends the idea that mistakes aren't evil, instead they are a natural part of life progression.

Blended Instruction With Blogs and Wikis for Young Learners

There will be an online conference on which the importance of blogs and wikis will be expressed. I am gaining perspective on the importance of blogs; wikis, on the other hand, I know little about. I hope to watch the presentation and take valuable insights out of them that I will be able to use in my teaching career.

The word

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