Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Assignment #5

Hello All. I've been ask to read/watch a few posts/videos and post my reaction to them on my blog.

Site #1: 100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

This is an article/post that, well, gives 100 different ways to use an ipod to promote education. The education that can be obtained is more than just history, science, English and math; instead, the articles contains many different ways to educate yourself including foreign languages, learning to play a musical instrument, and creating flash cards. I bookmarked this article because I want to try out a lot of these aides and hope to incorporate them into my education. My podcast group and I did our podcast on how itunesU can benefit us, this article is similar as it contains study aids, but it is far more elaborate than our itunesU podcast.

Site #2: Judy Scharf Podcast Collection

I found this to be a very educational site dedicated to creating and teaching other people to create podcasts. In the not so different future people will be dependent on podcasts for education instead of just using them to supplement their education. I know I will. I will use Judy Scharf's site to help me with podcast related questions I might have.

Site #3: The Education Podcast Network

This site is a helpful network with many uploaded podcasts from mostly educators. It is very useful to teachers who want to learn, or share what they have already learned with others.

I believe with just the three websites I will be able to enhance all aspects regarding podcasts. Whether I am trying to create, upload, or share a podcast with someone, these websites contain the tools and information necessary to be successful.



  1. It appears that you may be a podcasting teacher. I hope so!

  2. Hi Kevin,
    I was amazed at all the different things you could do with postcasting and how you could use it in education. I had never even watched a podcast before EDM310. I also found Judy Scharf's podcast collection helpful. It answered alot of quetions I had about podcast. I can't wait to use podcast not only in my own classroom but to educate myself also. Great blog!

  3. Kevin,
    I don't know how the podcast experience was, for the other students in the EDM 310 class, but you seem to have grasp the concept, and already have a plan for your future students. Good luck.