Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blog Assignment #3

Video 1: Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today

This video does well to describe the real college experience, not the artificial one concocted by our imaginations in high school. The lost and helpless looks of most of the students in the video say a lot about the mundane nature of most classroom settings I've been in since high school, including Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

If I were to change something in this video, I would try to further elaborate on how ineffective ninety minutes of lecturing is; also, I'd like to not that it is ineffective to me. I'm sure some people like it that way.

Post 1: Kelly Hines: "It's Not About the Technology"

One of the things that truly agitates me is the misuse of tax payer money; normally I would not say that money spent on education was ever wasted, but it surely can be misused or misappropriated. With nearly all states in the Union feeling a budget crunch, education cuts are usually one of the first suggested cuts unless a fierce opposition to this occurs.

I believe that teachers should be able to show proficiency in whatever technological capital has been entrusted to them to ensure that it will actually be used, and used correctly and efficiently. I posted on Ms. Hines post that I do not want to be the one that squanders tax payer money by not using what has been appropriated to me to the benefit of my future students.

Post 2: Karl Fisch: "Is it Okay to be a Technologically Illiterate Teacher?"

I agree with Mr. Fisch's main point about being technologically illiterate is equivalent to being illiterate a few generations ago. The world has changed drastically over just the past 20 years, and who knows what could happen in the next 20 years. The point being that teachers are in it for the long haul; by in it, I mean they MUST continue to learn simply to ensure they are keeping up with a changing world and not shortchanging their students in the future.

Also, the idea of educators being proud of being technologically illiterate is appalling to me. I want to give my future students the opportunities to succeed in life, not just to exist. I do think that educators that are unwilling to learn new things even at older ages should not be tolerated. Tenure and decades of experience are irrelevant to me if those students being taught by those instructors leave school and find out they know little to nothing about how adapt to changes in life. Adapting to changes in technology will help facilitate adapting to all changes in life; it helps by removing the fear that most people, including me, associate with change. As I have progressed in my academic life, change is becoming less scary and I am learning to adapt better and in new ways.

Website 1: Gary Hayes' Social Media Counts

I found this website to be very informative from the aspect of how fast social media is growing. From an educator's viewpoint it means that my future job as an instructor will be always changing and I have to either adapt to the new social media world order or risk turning into a dinosaur and becoming extinct.

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  1. Hey Kevin!
    I was assigned to comment on your blog for C4C#3. I think I was supposed to comment on Blog #2, but other people already had for their C4C#2. Oh well!
    Anyways, about your blog,
    I really like the statement you made about not being a teacher that squanders away tax money! Although I plan on teaching in a private school setting, I appreciate that there are a few people in the world who are willing to respect the funding given to them!
    Also, I like that you would choose to include more in the video about the college experience about another point of view. Funny that you had mentioned others might prefer classroom teaching, well, I am one of those "others." I do not mind learning on the computer, but I think that there is nothing like occasional in person lecturing. I guess I am old fashioned in that respect.
    Overall, I really enjoyed reading your opinions on the different videos and posts we had to read! Keep up the good work!
    Oh, in reference to your Superbowl image, who did you want to win? My favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts, so obviously I did not have my team represented, but i was cheering for the Packers! =)

  2. I agree with your comment about the vision of students today. I see a lot of students that sit in the classroom looking as if they are in another world. I believe the video did well too in showing the real college experience. I really enjoyed reading your blog comments. Your blog is very nice. Keep up the good work and I wish you much success.