Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog Assignment #12

The tables have been turned in this week's blog post. Instead of watching videos and reading blogs provided for me, I will be making the blog assignment. I hope you enjoy.

Quentin D'Souza's blog,Teaching Hacks.com is a very imformative blog that I found. There is relevant information there that can help future teachers. I would like you to pick a recent post on his blog, one that interests you, and comment on it. Afterward please write a short summary of what you learned and how it is relevant.

TheOn Course Workshop is a website dedicated to improving teachers and instruction. The link I provided is a list of common teaching mistakes that should be avoided. I would like you to read the article and provide a short summary about which mistakes you think are the most dire, and also write about one bad teaching method not listed that you wouldn't use, and why

Please watch this video on youtube.com. It is called, "The 3 Phases of Educational Technology." After watching the video, please summarize it in a blog post. Try and tie in the video with what you have learned in EDM310 thus far.

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  1. Hello Kevin!

    I thought this post was very neat and I especially appreciated the link to the teaching mistakes. It's amazing how those mistakes are still used in classrooms today, and although we may know they are not good, we can't help but fall back on them anyway because that's what we were used to experiencing ourselves. You provided clear objectives and gave recognizable questions that require us to "reflect" on the sites and video. Even your graphic is interesting and highlights something about the topic of learning. Great post!