Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Assignment 1

        I was born in Houma, Louisiana January 27th, 1985, and I lived in Louisiana for 2 years. Afterwards, I lived in California for 2 years. Finally, when I was around 4, my family and I moved to Mississippi where I have lived ever since. I am currently enrolled at the University of South Alabama. I'm a double major (secondary education and social science). I want to become a teacher too share my current knowledge of history with the next generation as well as add to my own knowledge base. I have 2 younger sisters, a mom, and a dad. I work with my older younger sister along with my father at his grocery store; it is known as Cheap Charley's and is located in Escatawpa, MS.
     When I'm not at work, school or doing homework I'm usually listening to talk radio, playing video games, watching television and movies, and sometimes I even read or play basketball. I love the New Orleans Saints and the Alabama Crimson Tide.
     Historically, I haven't been very good at time management, but that is a trend that I hope to break this semester. I do work fairly well with deadlines looming, but for sanity's sake it is much easier to get things done early. I can also get along and work well with nearly everyone I meet.


  1. Kevin I enjoyed learning about your background.I am also a double major, but mine is a math education.I think we have something else in common you seem to have a passion for social science like I do for math.I hope you are able to manage your time that is one of the most important concepts to adapt to with this course and I am speaking from experience.

  2. Kevin I enjoyed learning about your background.I am double major also,but mine is math.I believe we share the passion for our majors and educating students.I hope you do well managing your time.I look forward to reading your blog more.

  3. Hi Kevin! Im Hoan Nguyen, and Im majoring in elementary education. We also have something in common is that we did some traveling as well and we both end up here in Mobile at USA! I hope to read your blog more next time.

  4. Hey Kevin,

    I think you are going to fit in well here in Edm 310. If you don't know time management now, then you will learn it here in this class, haha!

    We are happy to have you in this class and I hope you learn all that you can.

    Good luck this semester,

    Stephen Akins

  5. Hey Kevin!
    My name is Matthew and I am an English major. I was also born in Louisiana and am a big fan of the New Orleans' Saints. That is very cool that you are studying history; I myself have never been much good at it but have always enjoyed it. Greek, Roman and Medieval history have always been my favorites. I too am not the best at managing my time, but I think that is something that even the greatest can never master. It is a constant process, one which we will hopefully improve on in EDM310!